Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad weather hampers fireworks collection efforts in Wallingford

Well gang – it wasn’t the kind of weekend I was hoping for.

With the cold and the rain over Thursday, Friday and Saturday no collections were done for the fireworks at the Wallingford Dunkin Donuts.

We’re going to try again this week. I believe my father is going to be at North Colony on Tuesday and South Colony on Thursday. I have Thursday and Friday off from work this week so I am going to try Main Street in Yalesville both mornings and the Recycling Center on Saturday (again – weather permitting).

We did receive one check in the mail, a $100.00 donation from my mother (thanks Mom) but other than that we made little progress on fundraising other than making some plans for upcoming events for April and May.

The monies need for this year are estimated at $30,000.00 – I am still waiting on quotes from some of the remaining fireworks vendors. The ones I have seen are coming in around $14,000.00 to $16,000.00. (Wallingford Parks and Recreation has been getting quotes sent directly to them so there may be more I am unaware of).

Those costs coupled with the town services – overtime for the police, fire, public works, etc which are expected to come in around $14,000.00 means we need to raise $30,000.00 to have the show this year.

There are 12 weeks left – we need to average $2,500.00 a week to make that happen. It’s uphill the whole way.

I spoke with the Mayor already – there will be no help from the town at all.

So for the third year in a row it is up to the townspeople, their generosity, and the same of local businesses whether this decades old tradition stays on or not.

Time will tell. We’re in it until the Mayor’s deadline of Friday May 25, 2012 to get the monies in.

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