Saturday, July 7, 2012

TONIGHT - Campus at Greenhill Wallingford Fireworks Fund 2012 Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sheehan High School



On the grounds of Sheehan High School on Hope Hill Road

The show itself starts at dusk - around 9:15 or so but plan to arrive early.

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The new weather map projections are in our favor





We are all in now; it is technically too late to cancel all the over time and The Fund would have to pay out all that money.

The weather makes or breaks us now

One last squall line projected for 8:30; so far the cards are in play


That’s the projected map for 8:30PM – about 45 minutes from show time.

If that holds and the Town doesn’t jump the gun (and with a little luck) perhaps that line get’s through.

The ground may be wet but all we need are dry skies at 9:15 to 9:30 and we can get this show off.

Time will tell.

I’m done with my yard work and I am headed to the shower and then I’ll be onsite at Sheehan.

Cross your fingers.

Rain showing on the map but nothing coming down


The forecast still shows hit or miss shows to 7:30PM at this point (and if they are like this they are “miss” so far).

30% chance of isolated storms means 70% chance of none; so far I like those odds.

The show is still on at this point - The projected weather for 6PM


Parks and Recreation has not contacted me about any cancelation so as far as I know the show is still set to go.

I’ve looked at the forecast and the Thunder Storm Watch is due to end for our area by 7PM.

The fireworks are lit off after 9:15 – well after the current Watch ends.

Until I hear anything different I presume we are a “go”

Looking at the failing line behind the last front I think things will be clear and lingering showers would be fairly light.

I am sure the ground will be wet and more lawn chair would be needed but I think we can still have the event.

The final decision is not up to me or the Fund at large so let’s hope those that make the decision are in agreement.

There is no rain date and this is the way Wallingford has always done it.

As far as I am concerned, if it’s not raining at 9:15 – light ‘em up

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rolling the dice for tomorrow with the weather…

Here’s the forecast as of right now – 60% chance of good weather and a little on the warm and humid side.

As the fundraising arm of this whole event it isn’t our call whether the show goes on or not because of inclement weather. I believe if I am not mistaken, that call is made by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Here is the deal – there is no rain date; Wallingford has never had one. When it rains the show is cancelled and it ends there for that year. Nothing about this show has really changed all that much except now we raise the funds for it privately.

If the show is called on account of the weather we are done for 2012. If it were up to me and there was make up funds available I would have a rain date. As I said – it is not up to me.

Having said that, there has to be full on persistent rain to make it so the pyrotechnics cannot be launched. Occasional passing shows do not necessarily mean the end of the show.

However, if we are going to get washed out I’d rather have it be earlier than later. You see, if the Police and Fire Departments start showing up for work they are going to get paid and the Fund, not the town, is responsible for that. I would rather take as many funds to 2013 as I could. So if we are to cancel I’d rather have it be pouring at 2PM and it never lets up so that it is a justified call.

I am not going to sweat it. We’ve beat the challenge to raise the funds each year and with a 60% chance of good weather – well, I think we’ll be fine.

See you tomorrow (with the donation bucket for 2013).  Smile


TOMORROW NIGHT - Campus at Greenhill Wallingford Fireworks Fund 2012 Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, July 7, 2012
5:00pm until 10:45pm

Sheehan High School
Wallingford, Connecticut

On the grounds of Sheehan High School beginning after 5PM (show itself starts at dusk - around 9:15 or so).

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

THIS SATURDAY - Campus at Greenhill Wallingford Fireworks Fund 2012 Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, July 7, 2012
5:00pm until 10:45pm

Sheehan High School
Wallingford, Connecticut

On the grounds of Sheehan High School beginning after 5PM (show itself starts at dusk - around 9:15 or so).

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Highland Elementary School K-Kids club raises $414.60 donation for the Campus at Greenhill Wallingford Fireworks Fund

As they did in 2011, the Highland Elementary School K-Kids club, made up of Kindergarteners, first and second graders, held a popsicle fundraiser before the end of the school year and made a donation to the Wallingford Fireworks Fund.

With this $414.60 donation that will be applied to the 2013 Fund collection efforts, the total amount raised by the Highland Elementary School K-Kids club over the past two years is $944.80.

School Principal Victoria Reed indicated in a letter to the Fund that this would be an annual fundraiser for the club from their desire to help out with something civic and having to do with local community service.

The Kiwanis Club sponsored K-Kids is a service organization for elementary students worldwide for grades 1 through 5.

Highland is a K-2 school and has a group of about 60 first and second graders that meet once a month under the supervision of Principal Victoria Reed and several of the school’s teachers.

My personal thanks for their consideration and my sentiment of their efforts continues from my thoughts last year when they honored us with their donation.

In the day and age of “kids today are spoiled” commentary on the whole (without considering the individual) we see an entire group of students learning the true meaning of teamwork, responsibility and civic minded efforts that give back to the community as a whole.

What a wonderful example they set for their peers and at such an early age; one could only hope that it flourishes and grows rather than fades away over time. I hope they inspire their friends in other Wallingford schools to lead, as well.

Not follow – lead. We have plenty of followers; we need more leaders.

Duty and responsibility are a part of life and that is something these kids are already learning.

Perhaps a little of this might rub off on some the adults in the community that have gotten hard skinned over the years about engaging as part of the community. One could always hope. I would be satisfied enough if this next generation simply goes on setting its example without being tainted by the prior one.

So to the classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024: I tip my hat to you – you’re off to a great start. Show us all up and become the citizens we all should be; continue to make us proud. Someday, when you’re grown up and are asked “how did you ever become so civic minded and such a diverse leader?” you can respond, “I grew up in Wallingford, Connecticut, where I learned from great examples and had some of the best teachers in the world.”

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 4 celebration and bell ringing

While not specifically something regarding the Wallingford Fireworks Fund itself or the Independence Day Fireworks display I did want to publicize this additional 4th of July event that is taking place in town.

The Wallingford Historical Society will celebrate July 4 at the Samuel Parsons house, 180 South Main St. At 1:30 p.m.

Guests will gather around the bells to hear the Governor’s Proclamation being read, talk about what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

At 2 p.m. the Old Town Hall bell and 3 other school bells will be rung. Guests may bring a picnic lunch and chairs any time after 12 p.m. and gather in the backyard.

Contact Ray Chappell at (203) 265-0313 for information.

Yalesville Elementary School students make donation to the Wallingford Fireworks Fund

Last week we received a couple of donations from Yalesville Elementary School.

Grade three collected funds for the fireworks and two girls from grade four – Alexa and Brooke set up a “water balloon and kids tattoo stand”; their effort raised $22.00.

All total the full donation was $157.74.

We really appreciate the thoughtfulness; these students could have collected money for any cause and they chose us – we are honored.

Thank you Yalesville Elementary School students for choosing our civic cause. Your donation has been set aside as part of the collection effort for 2013.

We hope you enjoy the 2012 show!