Monday, April 9, 2012

Town Council item regarding the Wallingford Fireworks Fund THIS Tuesday April 10 at 6:30PM (meeting start time).

The item is #6 on a very short agenda:

Discussion and Possible Action to establish and adopt a formal process for the selection of a vendor for the Wallingford Fireworks Celebration - Councilor Jason Zandri

If you can make the meeting in support of the Fund and the Wallingford Fireworks it would be greatly appreciated.

The full agenda can be found via

The meeting starts at 6:30PM on Tuesday April 10 and I would presume it would not go past 8:30 (I actually expect the whole meeting to go no longer than that.)

Again – if you can come in support and bring a few people with you that would be great; they don’t have to speak or anything (or if they want to they can) but just a few at the meeting is a world of good help as it shows a base of support.

Thank you.

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