Wednesday, April 11, 2012

“Councilors miffed at how Wallingford fireworks celebration is being handled”

Just a quick follow up regarding this story as it unfolds and as it gets reported in the paper. I personally am much more miffed with how the TOWN of Wallingford proper (read – administration) is handling this issue than anything else.

I have relatively little issue with the Parks and Recreation Department or any of the town departments at this point.

Once in a while there might be a little communication “slippage” and that is normal for such a large moving thing that gets orchestrated like a fireworks show by any town department that handles dozens of events going at any given time.

I also have to try to follow up between work in New York City, work on the Council, fundraising for the Fund and reading a bedtime story or two to my kids so things slip on my side of the fence as well.

All that being said, there are things that could be done to make this easier and smoother and I am actively going to work on that for 2013.

My focus right now and for the remaining seven weeks (or so) is getting Wallingford her 2012 show.

That transcends me personally and anything else going on.

This is Wallingford’s show; put back together by the people after the town did away with it.

That comes first.

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