Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REMINDER - Town Council item regarding the Wallingford Fireworks Fund THIS Tuesday April 10 at 6:30PM (meeting start time).

The item is #6 on a very short agenda: 

Discussion and Possible Action to establish and adopt a formal process for the selection of a vendor for the Wallingford Fireworks Celebration - Councilor Jason Zandri 

If you can make the meeting in support of the Fund and the Wallingford Fireworks it would be greatly appreciated.

The meeting starts at 6:30PM on Tuesday April 10 and I would presume it would not go past 8:30 (I actually expect the whole meeting to go no longer than that.)

Again – if you can come in support and bring a few people with you that would be great; they don’t have to speak or anything (or if they want to they can) but just a few at the meeting is a world of good help as it shows a base of support.

Thank you.

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