Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donation collecting for the Campus at Greenhill 2012 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration - Wallingford Fireworks Fund


Good morning everyone.

Today is Wednesday April 18 and my father and I will be collecting at the Dunkin Donuts on Route 5 (I will be at the South Colony location and Geno will be at the North Colony location across the street from the Shop Rite / Sears Hardware plaza) until around 9AM or so

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be collecting at Yalesville Dunkin Donuts from 7AM to 9AM.

Friday April 20th we will be at Sonic of Wallingford on Route 5 from noon to about 4PM.

Saturday April 21st we will be collecting again at the Landfill and the Recycling Center.

Please consider supporting us – if you have the chance to swing by please do.

If you do not have the chance you can always send in your donation:

Wallingford Fireworks Fund
c/o Jason Zandri
35 Lincoln Drive EXT
Wallingford, CT 06492

As always, if anyone has any questions of me please feel free to reach out by calling 860 614 6069 or via email at

If you’re going to consider supporting us now is the time – 12 days remain on the Campus at Greenhill citizen donation matching effort – they have made an additional pledge to donate matching funds for all citizen / private donations for the month up to $5,000.00

Thank you again for all the support – let’s make the 2012 event the best Wallingford has ever had!

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