Monday, April 2, 2012

Campus at Greenhill 2012 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration collection totals for the week ending Saturday March 31, 2012; we now stand at $17,534.78


With the totals in from the collections this week (stymied by the rain on Saturday) we still had a decent week and now our totals for the collection drive stand at $17,534.78.

Even when you remove the $10,000.00 we received from Campus at Greenhill in mid March when they came on board as the Naming Convention sponsor, $7,534.78 is a great start.

In 2011 we already had the Dinner Fundraiser (it was held on March 18) and our totals stood at $8,110.27.

For this year we were able to have the dinner later in the season (as we did in 2010) – it is scheduled for THURSDAY MAY 24 – so tickets have yet to be sold and tallied into the totals like they were already at this point last year.

I am hoping to have a couple of additional BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS this week so stay tuned,

I am planning to post a blog update each morning around 8:30AM so be sure to check back in.

2012 is quickly turning out to be our best funding year as the donations are streaming in strongly and we are quite likely to have the largest fireworks display for a show held in Wallingford.

If you want to help out and keep the momentum going please consider donating now, send your tax deductible donation to:

Fireworks Fund
c/o Jason Zandri
35 Lincoln Drive EXT
Wallingford, CT 06492

As always, if anyone has any questions of me please feel free to reach out by calling 860 614 6069 or via email at (Generally speaking, I can answer email faster than a phone call because of my work schedule).

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