Sunday, April 29, 2012

Collection totals for the week ending April 28th (and including Sunday the 29th) Campus at Greenhill 2012 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration - Wallingford Fireworks Fund

Hi Gang – tomorrow is the ending date for the full match of $5,000.00 as offered from Campus at Greenhill.

The final $1,509.00 needs to be collected by the end of the day tomorrow to qualify for the whole match.

As of today’s collections at Holy Trinity Church, which netted us $262.00, we are just $60.00 short.

I am guessing that in the mail tomorrow we will make the number. I’ve been getting about $50.00 a day on average for checks mailed to me so as long as we have a high day we should be golden.

Presuming the full match in total and all the deposits on hand, we will enter May needing to raise just $5,000.00 dollars to reach our goal of $30,000.00 by the May 25th deadline.

I will keep you posted and update you at the end of the day on Monday (I’ll try to do it before I go to the Wallingford Town Council Budget meeting). 

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