Friday, May 23, 2014

WORKSTAGE CONNECTICUT LLC DONATION is in; additional pledges made - $4,700 remains to be raised

In our most recent post "The Fund has been set back an additional $1,459.00 - we are now back to needing just about $7,000.00 again" we have outlined expanded costs being brought to bear by The Fund; namely more man hours being forced upon us as "required" by the town in the form of Fire and Police services for the show - where the Police Department overtime has gone up 12.5 percent and the fire department overtime has gone up 20 percent (and not from salary increases but rather more man hours being brought to bear for the work that needs to be done).

While those details still hold we have some new updates to pass along.

First and foremost I want to acknowledge Workstage, Gale Development and Campus at Greenhill for their $10,000 donation that cleared to our account today – that makes the totals mark as listed (as we were counting their pledge in).

Additionally I want to thank the businesses and individuals that stepped up today to make donations online. All of those additional donations have gapped us to the point where we are now “just” $4,700 short our new goal of $24,959.

On Saturday May 24th we are going to be collecting at the Dunkin Donuts in Yalesville from 6AM to about 1PM (Wayne will be there most of that time); we will also be at the Landfill. I am trying to line up a volunteer for the Recycling Center as well but we are short a couple people this weekend.

We can gap $4,700. I think we can gap it before the end of the day tomorrow and certainly before the weekend is over.

Starting at 5PM today – Friday May 23rd until 11:59PM on Monday May 26th (Memorial Day) I will match every donation made up to $2,500.

Donate via Paypal and I’ll match the donation

Donate at our collection points on Saturday and we’ll count it up and I'll match that too.

Let’s roll Wallingford, let's roll and get this done.

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