Sunday, May 18, 2014

13 Days remain - $6,000.00 more to raise

Just wanted to update everyone from yesterday’s collection efforts on Saturday the 17th; we managed to pull in about $700.00 collecting in the morning and $300.00 in checks came in so with that we gained on the total show expense of $23,500.00 – we now sit at needing $6,000.00 more to cut a check to the town of Wallingford for the show.

As a result of the overall shortfall the R Band performance has been deleted from our costs; if we somehow manage to collect an additional $3,700.00 for their cost, the cost of the sound system and the set up, as well as the associated overtime costs for Public Works we CAN restore the performance but with only 13 days remaining that is not likely.

Presently here is the cost line up:

Fireworks Show 2014   $11,925.00
Police Overtime   $8,000.00
Fire Department / Overtime   $2,000.00
Port-o-lets   $200.00
Fire Marshall   $950.00
Public Works   $0.00
Board of Ed   $425.00
R Band and Sound   $0.00
2014 Total Show expense   $23,500.00
To estimated show target   ($6,017.00)
Current cash (and Campus pledge - not yet received)   $17,483.00

So that’s the update right now.

Between now and the deadline I will post daily updates.

In the meantime – if you’ve already supported us, thank you. If you have another few dollars to send in now is the time. $6,000.00 over 13 days sounds like a lot but it really isn’t.

It’s 60 $100.00 donations. Or 120 $50.00 donations. $20.00 more from 300 of you closes that gap.

10,000 people are estimated to be at the show - $1.00 a piece does it.

You can donate by mail; make checks out to: “Wallingford Fireworks Fund” and send to:

Wallingford Fireworks Fund
c/o Jason Zandri,
35 Lincoln Drive EXT
Wallingford, CT 06492

We also accept donations by PayPal:


Let’s roll Wallingford, let’s roll.

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  1. Thanks to all the people who donated so far. Please give what you can.