Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gale Development / Campus at Greenhill pledges $10,000; $7,000 more needed by May 30th

This is it folks; where the donations really matter the most.

Campus at Greenhill as stepped up for 2014 with a $10,000.00 and offered to partner with The Fund to save our event. This brings their three year total partnership donations to $40,000 with $15,000 donated in 2012 and $15,000 donated in 2013.

Once this donation is received (expected this week by wire transfer) we are still technically $10,000 short for the show.

With that, we are not going to be able to fund the R Band performance. In 2010 and 2011 there was not enough in donations to fund them for the show. They did play in 2012 and 2013. If somehow we raise additional funds in time we will add them back in but as it stands we are unlikely to have the money to cover their costs, the costs of the sound system and the overtime for Public Works to set up and remove the ShowMobile.

Reducing that expense puts us at $7,000 to go and 13 days to do it (from this blog post on 5/17).

This morning we are going to be at the Landfill, The Recycling Center and the Yalesville Dunkin Donuts so if you can swing by with a donation that would be great.

Additionally you can donate by mail; make checks out to: “Wallingford Fireworks Fund” and send to:

Wallingford Fireworks Fund
c/o Jason Zandri,
35 Lincoln Drive EXT
Wallingford, CT 06492

We also accept donations by PayPal:

So the bottom line is this – our biggest deficit to overcome was 2011 where we needed $5,000 in the last two weeks.

This one is $2,000 more than that in the same time.

This is Wallingford so we are just going to get it done with your help.

Let’s roll

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