Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From the Editor of the Record Journal - Festive fireworks

As published in the Record Journal Wednesday July 3, 2013

Do you get fired-up over fireworks? What is it worth to you to light-up your town’s night sky to celebrate our nation’s annual Independence Day?

These questions were, in part, explored as part of yesterday’s news story focusing on whether public fireworks displays should be expendable during constricted economic times.

While some aver that “everyone” loves robust public fireworks, the reality is that such events are not each citizen’s cup of celebratory tea.

On one hand, significant crowds gather en mas se to behold the spectacle and, hopefully, renew the solemn covenant between America and her citizens. On the other, there are those who grouse vociferously that after all the sturm und dr ang of ofttimes painful municipal budget-cutting, taxpayer dollars are going up in smoke (literally) for a misguided interval of fleeting

High-end fireworks displays can be dazzling — perhaps triumphant. Less ambitious presentations may prove a tad lackluster. Quite understandably, then, if a municipality embarks upon spending, say, $25,000 to illuminate the July 4 th evening sky, it had better thrill event-goers (i.e. provide plenty of bang for the buck).

Whether publically funded by taxpayers through town budgets or paid for by dedicated efforts of private fundraising, the “show must go on” mindset is prevalent.

Fighting political wars over expenditures pales in comparison to historic wars fought for freedom. If it helps uplift spirits during difficult times while stroking passions of national pride and unity, all should avail themselves of
patriotism’s fervor.

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