Friday, July 12, 2013


Letter to the editor as published in the Record Journal Friday July 12, 2013

Editor: It was Saturday, July 6th. A hot summer night, clear with no rain in sight. And then they began. The town of Wallingford’s sky was lit up with a super spectacular fireworks display. Seeing the colors paint the sky, feeling that boom inside you, seeing the smiles and glee on the children’s faces, feeling patriotic for the love of our country — that’s what it is all about. All this made possible for the Town of Wallingford by the tireless efforts of Jason Zandri, all the wonderful people involved in helping through the Wallingford Fireworks Fund and all the generous contributions from caring people and organizations.

This was the 4th year that this effort to give the town of Wallingford an awesome fireworks display was successful to keep an ageless joy and tradition alive. No money was allocated for fireworks in the Wallingford town budget, not for the fireworks, the police overtime, the fire department overtime or any of the other town services; the entire burden was on the fund to come through with the money and they did in spades as they were able to restore the R Band performance and add to the show’s grand finale. Jason and his effort through the fund saw to it that the children and adults of Wallingford had the thrill of watching the sky sing “happy birthday” to America. It was all grand and the grand finale was second to none. Blasting away on a hot summer’s night, beautiful fireworks, colorful and bright.

Many thanks.


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