Saturday, July 6, 2013

Campus at Greenhill 2013 Wallingford Fireworks Independence Day Celebration; gathering on the west side of town at Sheehan High School after 6PM, Saturday July 6.

I probably will not have a whole bunch of posts or updates today as we did last year when the weather looked a little iffy there for a while.

According to the latest updates there’s barely a threat of any rain.

The show starts around 9:20PM or so but I recommend getting there around 8PM for a good parking spot as well as a good place on Sheehan’s Front Lawn if you’re looking to take in the sounds of the R Band which should start playing a little after 8PM.

We will make a few quick announcements from the Wallingford ShowMobile and then go around the grounds passing out the 2013 program books as well as collecting donations for the 2014 show.

See you there.


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