Saturday, May 25, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS WALLINGFORD; You’ve saved the 2013 Fireworks and restored the R Band Performance

All the checks are deposited and while there are still a few bills left to pay there’s enough money remaining in the “remainder” bucket to cover everything INCLUDING the R Band performance which the Fund has never been able to do before. The performance in 2012 was made possible by funds remaining in the Park and recreation budget; prior to that the last time they performed was the last time the event was paid for by the town which was 2009.


I had two checks made out today from the bank before they closed at 2PM.

The first one is for the fireworks event itself which covers all the costs for the show and whoever the town contracts with (The Fund does not pick the fireworks vendor – Wallingford does that on its own). These costs include the fireworks themselves and all the town services; The Fund pays for everything:

image In addition to that, we were able to keep our costs to a minimum and with that savings and the stretch fundraising we did this weekend off the Dinner Fundraiser take, we were also able to cut a check for an additional $3,300.00 to cover the costs of the R Band and the sound system rental and the costs associated with using the Wallingford Show Mobile.

A lot of things had to come together to make this possible and it all comes back to people willing to get involved and help us; from the volunteers collecting to John and Jane Wallingford coming out to make donations to the buckets and coming to the dinner to support the cause.

It was the businesses who have supported us this year (and some for four years running) by taking ads in the program book and pledging at higher sponsorship levels. (Over the next few weeks I am going post all of the sponsors and donators here on the blog).

It was Gale Development and the Campus at Greenhill making the pledge to be the Naming Convention Sponsor for the second year in a row and coming through with that donation in the nick of time.

It was all these things together; no one thing was going to save the show all by itself but any one thing missing could have prevented it from becoming a reality.

Once again, Wallingford pulls all at once and gets it done.

Congratulations Wallingford; we hope you enjoy your show – scheduled (weather permitting, there is NO RAIN DATE) for Saturday July 6th, 2013 at nightfall (around 9:15PM) shot off from the knoll by Moran Middle School and viewed from the grounds of Sheehan and Highland Schools.

We’ll see you there.

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