Thursday, May 23, 2013

Campus At Greenhill Naming Sponsor Donation HITS – we are in striking distance of our 2013 goal

With the Dinner Fundraiser over and the announcement to the 140 people in attendance of the Campus at Greenhill Donation hitting our account this morning, we are now just about $2,500.00 short of our 2013 goal of $30,000.00

Diane will be collecting tomorrow (Friday 5/24) at Dunkin Donuts in Yalesville.

On Saturday the 25th (weather permitting) my father will be at the Landfill and Wayne will be at the Recycling Center from 8AM to about noon. Charlotte will be at Stop and Shop from 9AM to about 1PM.

This weekend is it – we can gap that $2,500.00 with these last collections.

Hope to see you there

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