Thursday, May 23, 2013

7 Days, $15,907.00 to the 2013 goal. TONIGHT is the DINNER FUNDRAISER

We are just 7 days from the 2013 collection deadline. Our 2013 goal was to raise $30,000.00 before the final Friday in May (the date set by the Town Administration for when the funds must be donated for the event).

Right now we are still $15,907.00 short.

TONIGHT Thursday May 23rd is the Dinner Fundraiser.

We will also be collecting over this weekend (weather permitting) at the Landfill, Recycling Center and at Stop and Shop.

Next week is the final week of collections and we’ll be at Dunkin Donuts during the morning rush.

At this point it is highly unlikely we are going to hit our targets and save the event for 2013.

But until 5PM on Friday May 31st we are going to keep at it.

Please come to the Dinner Fundraiser – you’re going to eat well, have fun, and enjoy some really good music.

And you never know, maybe with some goodwill and a few deep pockets, perhaps the show can be saved after all.

See you tonight!


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