Friday, July 6, 2012

Rolling the dice for tomorrow with the weather…

Here’s the forecast as of right now – 60% chance of good weather and a little on the warm and humid side.

As the fundraising arm of this whole event it isn’t our call whether the show goes on or not because of inclement weather. I believe if I am not mistaken, that call is made by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Here is the deal – there is no rain date; Wallingford has never had one. When it rains the show is cancelled and it ends there for that year. Nothing about this show has really changed all that much except now we raise the funds for it privately.

If the show is called on account of the weather we are done for 2012. If it were up to me and there was make up funds available I would have a rain date. As I said – it is not up to me.

Having said that, there has to be full on persistent rain to make it so the pyrotechnics cannot be launched. Occasional passing shows do not necessarily mean the end of the show.

However, if we are going to get washed out I’d rather have it be earlier than later. You see, if the Police and Fire Departments start showing up for work they are going to get paid and the Fund, not the town, is responsible for that. I would rather take as many funds to 2013 as I could. So if we are to cancel I’d rather have it be pouring at 2PM and it never lets up so that it is a justified call.

I am not going to sweat it. We’ve beat the challenge to raise the funds each year and with a 60% chance of good weather – well, I think we’ll be fine.

See you tomorrow (with the donation bucket for 2013).  Smile


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