Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preliminary information for the 2012 collection season / Conversation with Mayor Dickinson

Over the next few days and into next week I am going to get new posts online as to where we are and what we’re doing with the fund.

I placed a call to Mayor Dickinson regarding the date of the event; with July 4th being on a Wednesday and Wallingford generally trying to have the show on a Saturday the town needs to decide on whether to have the show the week before on June30 or the Saturday after – July 7th.

Either way, and regardless of which date is picked, the Mayor has indicated to me that the funds need to be donated to the town by the close of business on Friday May 25th or Wallingford cannot commit to the event.

I asked regarding partnering with the Wallingford Fireworks Fund and paying the town services as Meriden does in their agreement with Westfield which allows Meriden to maintain their annual display but he said he could not foresee the town having the approximately $13,000.00 available to pay for police overtime, fire department services, public works and the like when they are staring down the proposed hikes in the cost of essential services in town.

So the bottom line folks – for the third year now we are on our own.

I am awaiting final totals from Mayor Dickinson and / or from Comptroller James Bowes as to the town services costs. At the same time I am going to solicit bids again from vendors as I did last year.

We needed to raise $25,000.00 last year and I have to imagine we’ll need to raise as much, if not a little more this year so that is the initial target I am going to set for 2012.

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