Sunday, June 2, 2013

VIDEO – The Wallingford Fireworks Fund makes the donation to the Town of Wallingford

Below is the video clip from the May 25th Town Council meeting where Steve Murray, Wayne Montefusco, and myself made the donation to the Town of Wallingford for the Campus at Greenhill 2013 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration.

The money collected and donated not only covered the cost for the Independence Day Fireworks celebration (including all the costs for the town services and overtime) but it also covered the costs to have the R Band perform. Those costs are the fees for the band itself along with the additional overtime for Public Works and use of the ShowMobile and the sound system rental and setup.

This is incredibly important to note; the Fund has never been able to save the R Band performance before. The performance in 2012 was made possible by funds remaining in the Park and Recreation budget the the Council restored for that use; prior to that the last time they performed was the last time the event was paid for by the town which was 2009.

That was all made possible by you Wallingford. Pat yourselves on the back and keep up to date on the blog for any other updates between now and the Independence Day Fireworks celebration (just 34 days away at the time of this post on June 2, 2013).

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