Monday, June 24, 2013

The GRAND FINALE collections for the 2013 show cleared the $3,000.00 mark for the full Atlas match; we have $6,000.00 in value for the finale

If you have been following along you have already seen the blog post titled “An opportunity to increase the GRAND FINALE to the 2013 show and a chance to QUADRUPLE the impact of your donation” (but if not please take a quick look via the link).

Since June 6th we had engaged Atlas PyroVision Productions who the town had contracted with to do the 2012 and now the 2013 fireworks display.

In my discussions with them I told them The Fund tried to find a corporate sponsor last year to increase the size of the Grand Finale and we were unsuccessful. This year was the same too – no corporation came forward to be the Grand Finale Sponsor in 2013 so they decided to help out.

Atlas PyroVision Productions agreed to match dollar for dollar all the donations that came into the Fund as part of the Grand Finale drive up to $3,000.00.

I decided to help that effort to get us to that high water mark by matching donations on the spot up to my entire Town Council pay for the quarter (roughly $1,500.00).

As of yesterday with all the deposits in we sat at a little over $2,000.00; adding my $1,500.00 to that takes us to $3,500.00 so with that we will get the full Atlas match.

Congratulations Wallingford; in 2013 you have done the following:

-- Saved the 2013 4th of July Independence Day fireworks celebration

-- Restored the 2013 R Band musical performance

-- Added to the 2013 Grand Finale collection an additional $3,500.00 which gets us $6,000.00 worth of fireworks for the Grand Finale

-- Set the savings account of the fund with a $2,000.00 surplus for additional expenses (as they come - we are paid in full right now); the remainder will roll to 2014 (if fundraising is needed).

Wallingford - you should be proud four times over. I said "let's roll" at the end of February and you rolled and we have done more than ever before.  

See you Saturday July 6th for the fireworks.


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