Friday, July 10, 2015

Wallingford - please join us for your 4th of July Independence Day Celebration this Saturday July 11th

Well Wallingford – it’s that time; this Saturday July 11th is the show. The grounds are open all day but generally people begin gathering after 7PM. The show is expected to start off right around 9:15PM or so but we do recommend that you get there for 8:30PM the latest to see well enough to find a place to sit while there is still some twilight to see by.

The weather looks to be shaping up to be very nice and the humidity looks to be decent so please pack a little something to eat or drink, grab your friends and family, and head down to Hope Hill Road on the grounds of Sheehan, Moran, and Highland Schools to grab a spot and enjoy the show. 

Just a few reminders:

Alcohol is not allowed on the grounds of the schools; the police have a presence and they will enforce that law.

There are probably not as many trash containers as we all would like but please be considerate – if you brought it there, take it away.

For more details on this please see the Press Statement from the Wallingford Department of Police Services

Parking – it is available on the school grounds but it fills up; when you are parking in the neighborhood please be mindful of:

  • Right of way – please make sure you are not blocking people’s driveways
  • Emergency vehicles – in most cases, parking is temporarily prohibited on one side of the street; this is to make sure emergency vehicles can get to where they need to go.
  • Neighborhoods – as we park and pass through them please consider yourself a guest there and behave like one. Yes there is a big celebration going on but we are still walking through someone else’s “home” – please be considerate; don’t do something to and from your car that you’d find unacceptable or intolerable in your own neighborhood

As a final reminder – please remember, this is your show; we would not have one if all of you did not donate.

We thank you so very much for the support that has allowed The Fund to restore this show for the 6th year in a row.

When you see us walking the grounds and collecting for 2016 please consider donating and be as generous as your budget allows. This is the ONLY way there will be a show in 2016.

As with all things regarding this effort – thank you for supporting us; we could not do it without you. 

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