Saturday, May 2, 2015

Four weeks remain - $8,000.00 to go

Today is Saturday May 2nd and we will be collecting at the North Colony Dunkin Donuts (near Shop Rite) until about noon.

We have about four weeks remaining as the funds are due to the town on the final Friday of the month – May 29th.

I’ve had a number of past donors asking about the muddiness surrounding the event; I believe a few of them are holding back on donations pending the town deciding to pay for the town services. (In a couple of cases I know for sure – they told me so directly.)

Please don’t. When you support other causes, you don’t wait to see if goals are going to be met or conditions occur; if you support the cause, you support it. You wouldn’t hold back your support from Masters Manna (for example) on whether or not they were going to move locations or not (in most cases) – if you support their cause, you donate. You wouldn’t hold back your support of something at one of the Elementary Schools pending the replacement of someone in the administration there; if you support the school and the kids you donate. I could go on with the Dog Park, Boy Scouts, whatever.

What I CAN tell you is that if we do not reach the $16,500 goal this year, the show will MOST CERTAINLY not occur as there would be too little money to pay for the pyrotechnics (the fireworks).

If the town should decide to NOT pay for the town services that does not necessarily mean the show is completely dead in the water. The Fund would look to other, private property locations from which to host the event.

We are not that far along yet.

We raise the funds – with your help.

The town pays for the town services and overtime – pending an affirmative Town Council vote.

The show is held on the west side of town as it has been since the 1970s.

That’s “PLAN A”; if we need to go to PLAN B that happens no sooner than the Council vote on the budget.

In the meantime – the seven of us are collecting donations.

If you can swing by this morning – please come and see us.

If you’d like to support us by attending the Paint Night for Charity, that would be Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00PM to 9:00PM Jakes Tavern LLC. The full details can be found via this link.

If you’d like to sponsor us via an ad in the WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND 2015 Program Guide you can by getting the details here.

If you’d like to donate via Paypal, you can via the link on this page.

Lastly, if you’d like to mail us your donation, those details are:

Wallingford Fireworks Fund
c/o Jason Zandri
35 Lincoln Drive EXT
Wallingford CT 06492

At the end of the day, this is all up to you. With all the times it is said, “it really sucks not having the control to affect [TOPIC]”, that couldn’t be more untrue here. You donate, you push your elected officials to do the right thing and restore the town services for the celebration of the birth of the nation, and you get it done, as you have, since 2010.

Thank you for all your past support and for your consideration in 2015





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