Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time to return a favor Wallingford – let’s support Stephanie Clock on her efforts in the Susan G. Komen Marathon for the Cure

Hi Wallingford Fireworks supporters. I am writing to you this morning on behalf of an event, a spot in the Chicago Marathon, that Stephanie Clock is participating in.

Most of you do not know who Stephanie Clock is but if you are a fan of the Wallingford Fireworks you should.

She has been an integral part of the people at Gale Development and Campus at Greenhill that have supported our Wallingford Fireworks show over the past two years and granting the fund $30,000.00 in donations in 2012 and 2013.

With her current efforts to run the race she is fundraising and I would like Wallingford to consider helping out her cause.

Her goal as listed on her page is $1,500.00, presently she is sitting at $585.00 and Race day is October 13th.

Here is my ask Wallingford, let’s make donations online and get her over that mark. Let’s support her effort like she supports ours and in the same manner - $10.00 or whatever at a time.

Send me your receipt that you donated (forward me via email the acknowledgement of your donation – and I will match all the donations up to $500.00 personally.

So what say you Wallingford? Let’s “pay” the goodwill and the kindness back and all for a good cause.

Thank you for the consideration.

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