Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter to the editor today in the Record Journal regarding Independence Day

Letter to the editor today Friday June 22, 2012, in the Record Journal

July 4th

Editor: So many soldiers living on the street, their spirits broken with defeat. What must they think when they look around, with every passerby looking at the ground? Does anger fill them when we turn away, from debts we owe that should be repaid? What if at that moment, just once, instead we salute in honor, right hand to head, to let them know they are not a ghost, thanking them for being braver then most. If everyone would show them grace, we just might find their pain erased, for all the heroes still fighting to live and from heroes like you who continue to give. If you see someone who is really lost, please stop and remember what our freedom has cost.

Remember, as we have our cookouts and picnics, why we have this special day — it is called Independence Day!

Thank a veteran and all service men and women for their service to keep us free.


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